Thursday, September 3, 2015

Digital Media for Independent Film makers

Digital marketing is a new way of seeing through the eyes of consumers; there is a paradigm shift accruing in digital marketing versus traditional marketing.  It is giving traditional marketing a new life in a digital way.  For independent filmmakers with limited advertising dollars, digital marketing can increase your profit margins tenfold using digital media to create a buzz and draw your audience into your world, creating a successful film debut.  According to Rob Stokes “The Essential Guide to Marketing in a Digital World,” there are steps that need to be taken into consideration to successfully draw audience for your film, product or service.  In his book he expands on the importance of four strategic processes, they are:

1. Think; simply put, research, plan and strategize.  With the Internet all three can be accomplished, thus providing vital information on demographics, market analysis and challenges that need to be addressed.

2. Create; creating a presence by using posters, website, video, banners, games and interactive media etc.  Creating an interest so that potential customers in their curiosity will open the door, become potential customers, and create a Fan base.

3. Engage; use different avenues to reach out to your most important assets your consumers, this builds trust confidence and creates a sense of loyalty.

4. Optimize; analyzing your campaigns is vital to your success, tracking results will tell you if things are heading in the right direction or changes need to be accomplished to produce positive results you’re looking for.
 These steps can be adapted into any business venture, product, or service.  By engaging in these steps, an Independent film production company can explore the human senses targeting groups depending on the genre whether it is comedy, adventure, action, horror etc. by giving the consumer a sense of involvement, they can express their emotions and interact with what is offered to them through a digital platform.  An example of this is Lionsgate with “Hunger Games” where one can interact and get involved in the revolution and tour the capital itself, provided by Lionsgate on the web.

            You see by providing fans access to the film’s actors, cities, background, film clips through multi media, you are creating and expanding a fanbase, and Potential consumers to the film’s products and paraphernalia, regardless if the film is a success or not.  The importance of using digital media could make the difference in a successful small budget film taking off and gaining popularity versus a big budget film with a small percentage going into advertisement using traditional methods.


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