Thursday, September 11, 2014

Future Advances in Mobile devices For entertainment Business

With the announcement of the I-phone 6 and the apple watch, we are witnessing great advancements in technology that will not only streamline any business but it will make it more efficient more creative within the business, providing the tools, to work smarter, producing better result and staying ahead of the competition.
It was not that long ago when Laptops came out, they were heavy, had slow processors, you needed it's own suitcase on wheels just to travel with, and setting up an office area dedicated to that big laptop was part of every day reality.
Now jump forward to the present all of what was then futuristic is now a reality, new ways to use computers have proliferated in recent years, touch screens have become popular on smart phones and tablets such as the I Pad. So let’s take a look at some of the advancements, how about making an old dusty laptop futuristic, how? By taking a little rectangular device and placing it next to your old laptop it becomes a touch free wonder, it is 200 times more sensitive than a mouse, works in 3-D and extends up to 200 feet of workable area. How about using your eyes to control your laptop and gadgets making it even faster to use, performing such things as moving text with your retina, and for gamers an invaluable tool.
 How about taking your office anywhere with you by rolling it up and setting up your office virtually anywhere, imagine the idea that a headset could control the functions of a laptop and gadgets with your thoughts, something from a science-fiction movie, or taking your laptop or gadgets in the form of a pen or on your wrist and placing it on any surface and it becomes hologram, projecting a full functioning screen and keyboard.
 With such fierce competition in the technological world comes innovation pushing the envelope beyond the imagination creating new ways to make the laptop and or gadgets more productive with better battery life, faster smarter processors, new design, better user interface, better communication, and more storage, all combined with sleek and stylish futuristic design.
 Now the definition of what constitutes technology is changing no matter how you look at it with laptop computers and other gadgets, they are getting more convenient more capable as well as environmentally friendly, yes in every way evolutionary is what comes to my mind, this in turn levels the playing field for many businesses including the entertainment industry, with the right technology in the right hand of a creativity individual amazing opportunities opens up and the world is within easy reach. So the future is bright and the future is now.


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